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March 4, 2013 by sixstopmusic

Post Descartes
O2 Academy 3, Birmingham
February 28th 2013

descartesIt’s a Thursday night in Birmingham and we’re at the Catapult Club’s regular Thursday night metal-fest to catch some metal, or so we thought. Following heavyweight performances and hard hitting riffage come Post Descartes.

The local 4 piece start incredibly tight, and the delay effect on the guitar provides a very cool sound. The clean, slick vocal gives a refreshing change in the context of the night so far. It’s crisply delivered and ‘Shakespeare Part 2’ gives off a distinct early-Incubus vibe.

‘I think I’ll take my chances with the rage badger’ is an incredibly long title, and peaks our interest. The band continue to deliver their cool sound, and reaffirm our earlier Incubus-esque thoughts.

By the time Post Descartes are into ‘Investment Jones and the Hedge-Fund Pagoda’ we can tell that these guys are extremely skilled musicians, giving off a great vibe, and are a very polished outfit. Their delivery is tight, and the keys add a great dimension to their sound. Following a vocal explosion the song comes to a close after a heavy finale. This is the most accomplished track of the set so far, and the crowd are full of appreciation and give it the reaction it deserves.

One of the lines include ‘falls on deaf ears every time’, well this time it didn’t, we were listening loud and clear, and we like what we hear. A lot!

‘Clockwork before the clock’ introduces a very nice vocal effect to this mid-tempo track. The bassist catches the eye in this track, and is very ‘Flea-like (of Red Hot Chili’s fame) in his play. These guys look like they love playing together, and it shows.

The last song of the set, ‘Who does Shakespeare for fun?’ raises the funk and tempo, and we’re finally able to put our finger on the vocalist’s sound. But bear with us here….. If you can imagine Serj Tankian (System Of A Down) grandfathered a love-child born as a result of Anthony Keidis (Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Brandon Boyd (Incubus) getting together, then you’ve got what we’re hearing. And let us tell you, it’s good. The vocal effect makes another appearance, the guitar is cool, and the drums have held it all together for the whole set.

All in all an excellent set, from a polished band.
Post Descartes were the proverbial rose amongst the thorns tonight, and delivered an excellent performance.

We’ll definitely be seeing these guys again!
Jaytee says;
Post Descartes’ sound is top. I really enjoyed their performance and I think they’re on the cusp of something really good. I’m looking forward to my next PD fix!

Jannetty says;
One of my favourites of 2013, a band who look set to take the unsigned scene by storm this year. Great musicians, cool current sound and one to watch this year…….well I know I will be! 

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